Trust Banking

Modules covered UITF, IMA, TOFA, Custodian, PERA, Provident Fund...

Some Banks provide investment / wealth management services to clients with different characteristics based on the investment needs of the client and their risk tolerance. They also offer advisory services to their High Net worth customers. It's a service in which the portfolio manager provides an advice on all types of assets for their clients. Besides managing portfolios of Equity stocks, Mutual Fund / UITF and fixed income, the banks also cater to their loan requirements and Foreign Exchange banks also offer Employee provident fund and Custodian services to their customers.


Modules covered UITF, IMA, TOFA, Custodian, PERA, Provident Fund, Life Insurance Indenture, Real Estate Trust, Alternative Assets

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The Wealth Management Industry around the world is witnessing a multitude of changes due to more demanding clients, digital transformation, regulatory compliance; internationalization and growing competition. This is leading to increase in overall costs of operations and hitting profit margins. Wealth Managers need to have increased focus on Risk & Compliance, Innovation, Efficiency & Productivity and Client Centricity.

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