Custody Management

Settlement and reconciliation of securities for institutions globally

Custodians have a complex product ecosystem when one considers the vast array of available services. From safekeeping of securities to arranging transactions for precious metals and record keeping to settlements globally, it is not surprising to find the fee-based business is an oft-neglected source of revenue for banks with global reach. Custodian banks require technology solutions that improve the value they deliver, while allowing for increased profitability. As the central point between other banks and various infrastructures, straight-through processing (STP) is a key variable in the service they deliver and the ability to charge differentially for that service.


Ideal Wealth & Funds - Custody Management is a complete custody and settlements software system specifically designed for securities custodians. Each market is different. Ideal Wealth & Funds - Custody Management is delivered in customized versions for each country. The functionality of each version is market specific and truly reflects the custody and settlement practices in that market.

Solution Offerings

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