Asset Management

Empower your customers by providing a 360 degree view of their Assets

The financial services industry highly values portfolio & asset management systems to drive efficiencies for wealth managers, asset managers and advisors while enhancing decision making and improving relationships with their clients. In today's complex and competitive investment landscape, asset managers rely on technology to keep them ahead of the curve.


iDEAL Wealth & Funds is a unified and integrated portfolio & asset management and client relationship management solution to deliver the tools needed across the entire enterprise from front, middle and back offices on a single platform. The solution offers portfolio tools, reliable data and calculations to streamline workflows and support the objectives of end users, while improving investment managers' ability to effectively communicate portfolio performance and deliver returns for the clients they serve.

Solution Offerings


Credence iDEAL is an integrated STP treasury solution addressing the complete treasury management requirements of banks and financial institutions.

iDEAL covers a wide range of products including foreign exchange & money market, bonds & securities, derivatives, equities, mutual funds, securities lending, etc. iDEAL addresses the functionalities across the front office, mid office and back office of the treasury. Additionally, iDEAL also has extensive risk management capabilities built into the solution to help the bank track, assess and leverage the various strategies available.

iDEAL has a range of user-friendly and intuitive tools to assist the dealers, risk managers and operations team to run a very highly efficient and profitable treasury outfit with maximum scalability.


Credence MercuryFx helps the organization improve its Money Changing Process efficiency, and is scalable to keep pace with business growth.

It is a trend setter in putting Enterprise Instant Messaging to business in treasury. Mercury is a browser-based customer foreign exchange transaction work-flow management solution.It enables straight through processing to completely automate Retail Fx products business including TCs, DDs, prepaid FX cards, Wire Transfer and Remittances.

MercuryFx solution has built in controls for inventory management of TCs/DDs and compliance support in respect of walk-in customers.

MercuryFx is tailored for

Information dissemination from a central unit to

Dynamic FX card rate publication, special rate negotiation with dealing room

Real time transaction reporting

Intuitive MIS reports