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Getting most out of your customers savings

As a Pension Fund, you are constantly analyzing GPs, attending quarterly meetings, and evaluating investment opportunities. Your firm must also process and organize numerous updates from managers both in and out of portfolio such that they may be readily accessible and report upon by the team.

As part of its investment services, banks provide services to corporate and institutional investors whereby they help them set up and manage retirement funds to benefit the company and their employees through an Employee provident fund. Banks offer an investment program designed and managed with the objective of maximizing the earnings of the retirement fund. A Retirement Trust Fund (RTF) is created out of contributions from the employer and employee. These retirement fund services are for companies needing assistance in setting up a retirement plan for their employees.

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iDEAL Wealth & Funds is unified investment management software that supports all the needs of a pension fund.

Pension Funds Management Solution

Key Features

  • Employer group and employer creation
  • Employee Account Setup
  • Document management and expiry tracking
  • Configurable Income distribution, vesting rights, withdrawal rules
  • Contribution upload as per defined frequency
  • Income distribution on ADB/PF Balance
  • Benefit calculations
Pension Funds Management Solution
iDEAL Wealth & Funds

Ideal Wealth & Funds is a unified investments management platform which completely automates business needs of wealth management, custody, provident fund, private banking division.

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