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Life at Credence

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At Credence, we operate in an open and liberal work culture. Responsibility, ownership and initiative-taking are our main drivers at work and play. Empowering through knowledge is our baseline and we believe in equipping individuals with the power of information and encourage experimentation.

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Work Life Balance at Credence

Our Focus On Individual

In Credence we have always believed that each one of the members has a set of unique strengths. The key to ensure success of the individual in her/his work is to match these unique strengths or traits to the job at hand. This acceptance and focus on the strengths of the individual rather than the correcting of her/his weaknesses forms the corner-stone of group ethic in Credence.

The second aspect of this individual’s work is the ownership demanded from each team member in the group. It is this ownership of complete freedom allowed in individual’s work space that propels individual’s to take greater responsibility and strive for more.

We are a Team

Any company is a group of individuals united in common beliefs and values.

Credence is a team of individuals who are passionate and take great pride in their work. Team members are seen up-holding and actioning on the set of values (i.e. Ownership, trust and initiative-taking) that the company so dearly preaches. This coupled with the small team approach has ensured high-level of internal flexibility and therefore greater client-servicing and satisfaction.

The small-team approach also takes care of the family-like atmosphere at work. Though each sub-team is encouraged to adopt it’s unique style of functioning, the end objective is a common goal which is brings us all together. We have an open culture wherein approachability is never a hurdle. One is encouraged to ask questions, share an opinion and present their views and suggestions. We have Town-Hall forums and HR meetings to engage with people and their concerns, queries and thoughts.

Work Life Balance at Credence
Work Life Balance at Credence


At Credence, knowledge is our forte

We aim to maximize the same by ensuring that we use it to as a tool not only for skill building of our employees but also retention and promotion purposes. Care to ensure that the best is passed on and imbibed too by those attending these sessions. Apart from this, there are various internal training sessions which conducted with a purpose of knowledge sharing.

Our recent initiative in this area is the “3 to 3 Engagement Module” wherein we aim to engage a fresher who has completed 3 months at Credence and hand-holding him up to 3 years. Through this module we aim at:

  • Skill Building through planned training sessions.
  • Gauging the progress of an individual through planned interventions woven in the module.
  • Keep the Credencians engaged and make them feel taken care of.

However, while learning opportunities are made available at Credence, we expect individual commitment, passion and self-drive towards learning


We Credencians love celebrations. We celebrate birthdays & tenure of our Credencians.

We also celebrate good work at Credence. Good -job done appreciations testimonial from the client and Project-Go-Lives are some of them. “SPARC” is our very own set of awards wherein we recognise individual’s contribution and achievement at work. Cultural festivities are never missed and celebrated with a lot of pomp and enthusiasm.

Be it work or play, Credencians display sportmanship & creativity at both places with equal finesse and style. Our Annual Sports Event and Party are reflective of the same. While these planned events bring in together at field and party, the team outings display ownership, responsibility and initiative-taking in a different spirit and light. Teams are encouraged to plan for their outings

Work Life Balance at Credence

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