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Industry standard end to end investment management solution for multiple business lines under a single roof

Given its large customer base over the last decade, the solution is mature in terms of its breadth of business line offerings as well the depth of its rich features. From Front Office features like pre-deal analysis,real time portfolio position and cash flow tracking, profitability monitoring to Back office operations like deal settlements, corporate action posting, MTM valuation, accounting and NAV generation, the solution covers the entire gamut of investment management operations.

wealth management fundsense qlik sense
Decision making hub - FundSense

With FundSense - the business intelligence tool, making business decisions is faster, easier, and more collaborative. The drag-and-drop feature makes integrating data from multiple sources easy. Users can create and view personalized, interactive data visualizations and dashboards inorder to make meaningful decisions. Fund Sense puts rapid analytics and an associative experience right on your desktop.

wealth management fundsense qlik sense
Compliance with industry standards and regulations

iDeal Wealth & Funds has a robust and configurable framework for monitoring compliance related limits, business validations and risk reporting. The solution architecture is flexible and can be scaled to support customisations for handling localised requirements for accounting standards like IFRS, performance measurement standards like GIPS or KYC norms for FATCA and AMLA.

wealth management fundsense qlik sense
Omni-Channel: Unified user experience across platforms like tablets, smartphones and browsers

iDeal Wealth & Funds provides a seamless and unified user experience across multiple delivery channels like smartphones and browsers thus empowering the user to gain access to information and features 24 / 7. Alerts to key personnel in case of critical events like limit breaches or high volume redemptions / deals can be triggered via automatic e-mails or sms messages.

wealth management fundsense qlik sense
Delivered as a Service - on Cloud. Reduced TCO via Cloud offering

The solution can be delivered as a cloud hosted application. A hosted application is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that allows users to execute and operate a software application entirely from the cloud on a yearly subscription basis.It reduces the need to invest heavily in high end servers and storage devices and also allows users to work 24/7 with an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Credence Analytics is Ranked Number 1 in IBS Sales League Table 2018

Usage Across Industries

Trust Banking in a Box

Some Banks provide investment / wealth management services to clients with different characteristics based on the investment needs of the client and their risk tolerance. They also offer advisory services to their High Net worth customers. It's a service in which the portfolio manager provides an advice on all types of assets for their clients. Besides managing portfolios of Equity stocks, Mutual Fund / UITF and fixed income, the banks also cater to their loan requirements and Foreign Exchange banks also offer Employee provident fund and Custodian services to their customers.

Helping insurance firms manage their investments

Investment management within the insurance industry is rapidly changing and becoming more complex and diverse than ever. Traditional asset classes not delivering the expected returns demands new insights and knowledge around new asset classes. In addition, the burden of regulatory compliance and the costs associated with it remains a challenge.

Getting most out of your customers savings

As a Pension Fund, you are constantly analyzing GPs, attending quarterly meetings, and evaluating investment opportunities. Your firm must also process and organize numerous updates from managers both in and out of portfolio such that they may be readily accessible and report upon by the team.

Empower your customers by providing a 360 degree view of their Assets

The financial services industry highly values portfolio & asset management systems to drive efficiencies for wealth managers, asset managers and advisors while enhancing decision making and improving relationships with their clients. In today's complex and competitive investment landscape, asset managers rely on technology to keep them ahead of the curve.

Settlement and reconciliation of securities for institutions globally

Custodians have a complex product ecosystem when one considers the vast array of available services. From safekeeping of securities to arranging transactions for precious metals and record keeping to settlements globally, it is not surprising to find the fee-based business is an oft-neglected source of revenue for banks with global reach. Pricing and product management is challenging in this complex environment.

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