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The biggest investment bank in the Philippines


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The biggest investment bank in the Philippines, chose Credence Analytics due to its robust core treasury platform


Business Challenge

First Metro Investment Corporation is the investment banking arm of the Metrobank Group, one of the largest financial conglomerates in the country, FMIC have over fifty years of service in developing the capital markets.

With assets of P71.57 billion and stockholders' equity of P18.57 billion, First Metro is the biggest investment bank in the Philippines. First Metro and other subsidiaries offer a wide range of services, from debt and equity underwriting to loan syndication, project finance, financial advisory, investment advisory, government securities and corporate debt trading, equity brokering, online trading, asset management, and research.

First Metro Bank's legacy system needed to keep with the changing financial market landscape. One of the challenges was maintainability as it needed to comply with regulatory requirements without delay. Credence provided an out-of-the solution that requires few customization.


We are very pleased for its capability to process end-to-end transactions, from client onboarding, transaction processing and back-office settlement. It’s ability to interface and provide hand-off requirements to AMLA and ERP makes it a suitable inclusive solution.

Credence has been there to support and provide solutions to regulatory requirements every step of the way.

Compliance to regulatory requirements, ease of use due to its intuitive front end, unparalleled technical client support.


Credence Analytics was chosen due to its robust core treasury platform. Credence iDeal System’s scalability and flexibility to customize and adopt to market regulations added value to the selection process.

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